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Swinger Story
Me, My Boss, and His Wife
by SpiderG13 ©

I work at a pretty casual company. We all wear comfortable clothes, we call each other by first names, no one really has a title, and generally, everyone knows everyone else’s business. This casual atmosphere, and some mutual attraction, has contributed to a fairly close relationship between me and my supervisor. We started out with mild flirting, mostly innuendo, and we’ve since moved on to downright raunchy conversations and the occasional stroking. A lot of our talk revolves around what we’d like to do to each other if we weren’t married, but often we talk about what we’ve done in the past, with other people or our spouses. I enjoy our conversations a great deal; in fact, I find my job to be very rewarding when it’s coupled with my playtime with Eddie. I use a lot of what we say to each other in my fantasies, but there’s one in particular that I like. Eddie told me awhile back that his wife, Lynn, has participated in a few lesbian relationships in her life. Now, I’ve never felt the slightest inclination toward women, but the tales he tells me . . . man, it gets me hot. He told me once about Lynn and a friend of hers including him in their activities. I’ve incorporated that story into my all-time favorite fantasy.
Following a company dinner, Eddie, Lynn, and I are sitting at..
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