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These are online agency and service based websites that offer online photo dating services for those men and women with specific tastes. Other agencies offer these features, but cater to a specific region in your local area, black, Indian, Asian, or Russian only, gay, lesbian, etc. These premium service sites are those that offer a more "personal" touch for those men and women with a larger budget. There are even some services that are free. All feature pictures and photos of their members. So if you are a man seeking a woman, or a woman looking for the same, and all things in-between, there is a little bit here for everyone!
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Meeting Jane
by Dave Evans

I met this lovely lady named Jane while having coffee. We were both out on business trips staying at a pretty nice hotel. She was having coffee and toast and what was left of a poached egg. It was about seven in the morning, I sat at a table next to her and had coffee and a breakfast steak, two eggs over easy, hash browns, toast with real butter and black berry preserves and an orange juice. All the smells were wonderful in the restaurant. We were sitting there just eating and checking each other out. Our eyes met several times and we smiled at one another. She had long brown hair and dark brown eyes, looked like she couldn't weigh over 115 pounds, 5'3" or 4" but she was a sweetie. She was doing some work on her laptop as I was too. I could see a rock on her finger, so I kinda lost hope that she might like to play.We both left after eating breakfast. I finished a long day and walked into the elevator and there she was too, just getting off work. She stepped into the elevator with me and we were both going to the same floor! We found we were next door neighbors. Jane introduced herself and I did likewise.
She asked how much I knew about laptops..
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