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These are online agency and service based websites that offer online photo dating services for those men and women with specific tastes. Other agencies offer these features, but cater to a specific region in your local area, black, Indian, Asian, or Russian only, gay, lesbian, etc. These premium service sites are those that offer a more "personal" touch for those men and women with a larger budget. There are even some services that are free. All feature pictures and photos of their members. So if you are a man seeking a woman, or a woman looking for the same, and all things in-between, there is a little bit here for everyone!
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Swinger Story
Maree's Fantasy
by KM_Martin

Maree and Vince were a very loving couple. After 20 years of marriage they thought themselves fairly open-minded in there own sexual desires for each other. They had even discussed the thought of getting a webcam and having a little bit of fun with it. Vince and Maree talked about and eventually turned the camera on and gave a shot at entertaining the Internet with some sexy play. Maree enjoyed the thought of so many men looking and watching her naked body especially when she masturbated. Thoughts of having several guys please her at one time was becoming something that occupied her thoughts during most of her waking hours. Maree and Vince talked about the fantasy of having three or four guys fuck Maree at one time. Maybe Vince wanted it to happen more than Maree did but not likely. He would tell her about how these men would meet and seduce her into the ultimate sexual pleasure.
The images and hormones took their toll on both because soon..
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